Friday, May 18, 2012

My Daughter's Birthday

Today, I would like to describe how I prepared for my daughter Karina's birthday.  Although this event happened a few days ago (May 1st to be exact), I decided to paint a painting for her new house.  Since she had just moved into this new house, It was almost empty... :)

A few weeks prior to her birthday, Karina had told me that she dreamed of having a painting of poppies.   

                      So, I decided to begin painting poppies. 

Painting absorbed all my spare time for several days. However, once I finished the painting, I was staring at an abstraction of poppies, in 3D. To paint this painting, I used mixed media, acrylic, on canvas.

In addition to the painting that I painted for Karina, I made a brooch for her with a personalized letter "K" (for "Karina").
The brooch was vintage, and I used citrine and pink opal to make it.

Just a day or so prior to Karina’s birthday, I decided to also paint for her a greeting card -  poppies again :)

My birthday girl, along with all the guests, were pleasantly surprised by my gifts and gave me many compliments.

                               Birthday girl with her "baby"...

Birthday girl with lovely flowers...



  1. Thank you so much mommy!!! You really surprised me with your unique gifts! I love you!!!

  2. The painting is beautiful, I am sure it will look lovely in Karina's new house. Very pretty poppies. Your daughter is so beautiful - happy Birthday, Karina!

  3. Прекрасные подарки, и такие теплые фотографии. Всего хорошего в твой день рождения Карина !